Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Fairy Tale of Shama Mamma D

Once upon a moonbeam there was a beautiful goddess. Let’s call her Shama Mamma D. She was small but very powerful. She had long beautiful hair that held her power and her mystical secrets. Her spirit was contagious. She danced with rhythm and color. She came from a forest by the sea. She had all the knowledge of the ancients embedded into her DNA. D was brought to this world to spread that ancient knowledge as well as spread light to every creature she encountered.

Her life purpose was to heal the world. She had so much love to share. She treated everything in existence with pure kindness.  But do not mistake her kindness for weakness. She was a true warrior.  She knew no fear when it came to the greater good of all.

Everywhere Mamma D went was illuminated by the sun. It led her way, always.  And everywhere she went she left a trail of beautiful sacred geometry, her trademark.  D had a way about her that people couldn’t forget. 

She never traveled alone. She always had an entourage of angels, guardian spirits and earth creatures to guide and protect her. These spirits had messages for the people of the earth Mamma D encountered on her journey.  D could hear them, see them and feel them always around her.  Some came to her with sweet fragrances, others with vibrant colors and others with whispers as soft as sea breezes.  D loved to drum and dance with the spirits around her. She could dance for days without her feet getting sore. The spirits held her as she danced and walked in 2 worlds.

Mamma D lived a life of freedom and joy. She walked the Earth with wonder in her eyes. Every single day for her began with a prayer of gratefulness and it ended the same way. While she slept she could fly! She soared in the earthly sky and in the sky of many other realms. While she was awake she danced barefoot with her feet in the earth feeling the energy pump through the soles of her feet (her roots).  

Mamma D brought beauty to the earth and to the heavens. She was a conduit of love and light for both worlds.  

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